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Re: [opensuse-factory] Friendly warning: Python 2 is going to be removed from Factory on 2020-01-02
On 4/15/19 2:34 PM, Dominique Leuenberger / DimStar wrote:
But, as a release manager I claim to have a say in this topic too:
Dropping py2 is a noble goal, it is a high target. But if this means
losing things like firefox, osc, "insertfavoriteapphere" - then you all
can be sure that we will weigh the pros and cons of keeping/dropping
py2. In plus, with a capable maintainer who is willing to further work
on possibly reported CVEs: how can we claim it is not maintained?!

So, please, let's tone this thread down a notch: Maej formulated a goal
to remove python2 by 2020 - and as a distribution I hope we can all see
the benefit of not having to maintain something that is abandoned
upstream. But just jumping off the cliff because upstream declares
something unmaintained is not going to happen.

Let me describe my personal situation:

1. I'm supporting Linux distros like CentOS7 where the standard distro does not ship with Python3 yet. So there is some constraint there.

2. I do want to migrate to Python3. But when touching all the code I'd like make sure to really move to Python3 (especially with type hints). So I won't maintain modules compatible to both 2 and 3 to avoid all the ugly code mess you can find in various module packages.

But with a Python maintainer moving stuff around, breaking existing config workflows I'm forced to implement many work-arounds wasting my time. I'd really prefer to spend this time on migrating the upstream code base!

So Matěj's pushing towards Python3 effectively slows down Python3 progress on my side. And that's what really makes me angry.

Ciao, Michael.

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