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Re: [opensuse-factory] Naming policy for containers inside the distro

Am Mittwoch, 10. April 2019, 16:55:54 CEST schrieb Thorsten Kukuk:
On Wed, Apr 10, Fabian Vogt wrote:

Question is now what to do about that - call the base containers using
as prefix an exception and allow tumbleweed/* and leap/* containers
or enforce an opensuse/ prefix on all image? That would be consistent with
kubic/* images we already have, but might not be as descriptive for some.

"would be consistent": I don't see that as consistent.

That was not clear, I referred to the first part here: opensuse/ as exception.

Currently we have:

opensuse/leap -> opensuse leap base container
opensuse/tumbleweed -> opensuse tumbleweed base container

kubic/flannel -> opensuse kubic flannel container, derived from what?

It would be consistent, if we would use:

We can everything prefix with "opensuse" for the case, that somebody uses as default. But I don't see this necessary, as in this
case, images from docker hub, the normally standard registry, would get a
docker hub prefix.

I would like to see for derived containers:


As "leap/apache" I'd expect a container containing Leap + its Apache
and "tumbleweed/apache" would be the same just based on TW.
As you wrote above already, "kubic/foo" however doesn't mean "kubic + foo",
it means "foo for Kubic" or "foo container made by the Kubic project".
So that would need to be clarified and documented.


Either they are prefixed with (for not default
or the user knows that they are from opensuse, since he changed the default.

I really hate:

That's a really long name, and duplicates "opensuse".

Different thing are the base containers.
Currently they are called:

On docker hub and So for consistency and ease
of use, I wouldn't change that. Would also solve the problem to
differentiate, if tumbleweed or leap are name spaces or container
names. So:
tumbleweed -> base container
tumbleweed/apache -> derived container

docker hub does not seem to have a problem with this, as we have:
alpine -> base container
alpine/git -> derived container has that overlay for opensuse/leap and
opensuse/leap/15.1/images/... already as well and it works fine.

If at some point we wanted to push images to Docker Hub as well (which OBS
supports already, just not enabled), only images matching "opensuse/foo"
could be uploaded, not "kubic/foo" or "opensuse/foo/bar".

Next question: for tumbleweed, we don't have only one base container:
opensuse/tumbleweed -> base container with standard tools
??? busybox -> base container only with busybox

I'd say that applying the generic scheme for derived containers would work
here, as there's no real point in adding busybox on top of the TW base
container. So tumbleweed/busybox would be fine when using the scheme above.



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