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Re: [opensuse-factory] Naming policy for containers inside the distro
On Wed, Apr 10, Fabian Vogt wrote:

Question is now what to do about that - call the base containers using
as prefix an exception and allow tumbleweed/* and leap/* containers explicitly
or enforce an opensuse/ prefix on all image? That would be consistent with
kubic/* images we already have, but might not be as descriptive for some.

"would be consistent": I don't see that as consistent.

Currently we have:

opensuse/leap -> opensuse leap base container
opensuse/tumbleweed -> opensuse tumbleweed base container

kubic/flannel -> opensuse kubic flannel container, derived from what?

It would be consistent, if we would use:

We can everything prefix with "opensuse" for the case, that somebody uses as default. But I don't see this necessary, as in this
case, images from docker hub, the normally standard registry, would get a
docker hub prefix.

I would like to see for derived containers:


Either they are prefixed with (for not default registry),
or the user knows that they are from opensuse, since he changed the default.

I really hate:

That's a really long name, and duplicates "opensuse".

Different thing are the base containers.
Currently they are called:

On docker hub and So for consistency and ease
of use, I wouldn't change that. Would also solve the problem to
differentiate, if tumbleweed or leap are name spaces or container
names. So:
tumbleweed -> base container
tumbleweed/apache -> derived container

docker hub does not seem to have a problem with this, as we have:
alpine -> base container
alpine/git -> derived container

Next question: for tumbleweed, we don't have only one base container:
opensuse/tumbleweed -> base container with standard tools
??? busybox -> base container only with busybox


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