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Re: [opensuse-factory] A mystery about patterns

Am Freitag, 5. April 2019, 12:02:33 CEST schrieb Alberto Planas Dominguez:

I am not very knowledge about the inner details how patterns works in
with the metadata information of a repository.

I found a problem, there are some patterns that are not in the repodata
information [1], are not searchable via zypper se, but I am able to install

That's because patterns-caasp is simply broken.
It's not supported to have a package provide more than one pattern(), but
it does exactly that:

Provides: pattern() = SUSE%2dMicroOS%2ddefaults
Provides: pattern() = basesystem

The resulting behaviour is simply undefined.

We've hit this issue and some other weirdness caused by it during the Kubic
and MicroOS restructuring.


More precisely:

# zypper se pattern:SUSE-MicroOS-defaults

# zypper se pattern:SUSE-MicroOS
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S | Name | Summary

| Type
| SUSE-MicroOS | openSUSE Kubic MicroOS

| pattern
| SUSE-MicroOS-apparmor | Apparmor Support

| pattern
| SUSE-MicroOS-cloud | Support for Cloud

| pattern
| SUSE-MicroOS-container-runtime | Container Runtime for
| pattern
| SUSE-MicroOS-container-runtime-kubernetes | Container Runtime for
| pattern
| SUSE-MicroOS-hardware | Hardware Support

| pattern
| SUSE-MicroOS-ima_evm | IMA/EVM Support

| pattern
| SUSE-MicroOS-sssd_ldap | LDAP client

| pattern

SUSE-MicroOS-defaults is not listed, but note that we can find -container-

# zypper info pattern:SUSE-MicroOS-defaults
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

Information for pattern SUSE-MicroOS-defaults:
Repository : openSUSE-20190306-0
Name : SUSE-MicroOS-defaults
Version : 4.0-15.1
Arch : x86_64
Vendor : openSUSE
Installed : Yes (automatically)
Visible to User : No
Summary : openSUSE Kubic MicroOS defaults
Description :
This provides default packages for MicroOS which can be optionally
replaced by alternatives.
Contents :
S | Name | Type | Dependency
i | patterns-caasp-MicroOS-defaults | package | Required
i | systemd-logger | package | Required

I am able to show the information!

Checking the repodata from [1] and reading repomd.xml to find the primary and
filelist files, I can only see a subset of patterns in there:

<rpm:entry name="weakremover(pattern:SUSE-MicroOS)"/>
<rpm:entry name="weakremover(pattern:SUSE-MicroOS-apparmor)"/>
<rpm:entry name="weakremover(pattern:SUSE-MicroOS-hardware)"/>
<rpm:entry name="weakremover(pattern:SUSE-MicroOS-ima_evm)"/>
<rpm:entry name="weakremover(pattern:SUSE-MicroOS-selinux)"/>
<rpm:entry name="weakremover(pattern:SUSE-MicroOS-sssd_ldap)"/>

So -defaults is not there, but neither are -container-runtime, that I was
to find it with search.

Am I searching in the wrong metadata file?

Why zypper cannot find -defaults, even if I am able to install it and get
information from it?


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