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Re: [opensuse-factory] ZSTD compressed root partition subvolumes
Hi Thorsten,

Thorsten Kukuk <kukuk@xxxxxxx> writes:


On Tue, Apr 02, Dan Čermák wrote:

Since I used the default partition layout, /boot/ is part of / and needs
to be readable by GRUB. Unfortunately GRUB stable cannot yet read zstd
compressed btrfs partitions (support has been added in git already:

My question is: is it safe to compress other subvolumes of /, like /var?

Should be safe.

Good to know, thanks!

And would it be safe to put /boot/ into an uncompressed subvolume and
compress everything else (including /)?

Putting /boot into a subvolume will break snapshots, rollback, ...
But you don't need to do that, if I remember correct, you could
compress the files in /boot with another algo or not at all, without
the need to put it into an own subvolume.

I can compress everything except /boot/ manually, but according to my
understanding btrfs will not automatically compress new files, unless I
mount it with compress=$algo (which I don't want since /boot/ will be
then also compressed on the next initrd rebuild).

Is there a way around that?


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