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Re: [opensuse-factory] KDE4/Qt4 removal from openSUSE Factory

On 01/04/2019 20:38, Christophe Giboudeaux wrote:
On lundi 1 avril 2019 03:00:23 CEST Simon Lees wrote:

Can you please put together a list of all the packages that you plan to
drop? There are potentially Qt4 packages that I don't maintain but am
interested enough in to help with porting.

'osc whatdependson openSUSE:Factory libqt4 standard x86_64' gives a minimal
list of packages still using libqt4, directly or not.

the ones that need porting / cleanup / being dropped:
- H2rename
- Qross / Qrosspython (are there users?)
- SoQt, used by FreeCAD-test (what's that?) and python-pivy
- carla, the pkgconfig(QtCore) can probably be removed

Yeah I agree here.

- fcitx / scim /gcin / uim, input methods, can be cleaned later to remove the
Qt4 parts
- gigaset-frontend
- gnucash, looks like an indirect dependency, the Qt4 support was already
- gnuradio, used by gr-iqbal
- gsequencer, didn't look why yet
- hgview
- hydrogen, 1.0.0 beta is out, using Qt5, so just a matter of time
- jag / jag-level-editor, the URL is broken, no clue about the current state
- keepassx
- krb5-ticket-watcher build fails in factory
- libchipcard, uses gwenhywfar - no user in factory it seems
- libqxmpp, factory contains both the Qt4 & Qt5 version
- libqxt, looks unused
- lightdm, cleanup needed
- lmicc, looks obsolete
- lmms (because of carla)
- mayavi, reason unknown atm
- mumble
- nulloy
- python-enable, python-pivy, python-traitsui
- qgo, looks like upstream moved to Qt5
- quazip, both Qt4 & Qt5 packages are in factory, just some cleanup needed
- qwt / qwt6 / qwtplot3d / qsapecng / scidavis
- scap-workbench (upstream switched to Qt5)
- sudoku-sensei
- taglib-extras
- testdisk, last release is from 2015
- texamator, uses pyQt4/PyKDE4
- uim
- unetbootin
- yate

The rest are packages maintained in KDE: which we'll probably drop if no Qt5
port is available.



Simon Lees (Simotek)

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