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Re: [opensuse-factory] Renaming the chromium package to chromium-browser and chromium-bsu back to chromium
On Monday 2019-04-01 02:33, Simon Lees wrote:

Some time long ago back in the dark ages we allowed one of the greatest
travesties of all time take place where buy the chromium name was stolen away
from a humble arcade shooter with space ships and lasers then given to a big
ugly memory sucking corporate browser.

As much as I am with you on the corporate travesty part, I find it
hard to support agreement for the CBSU move.

* It is the year 2000. Internet was still on the rise. Funpics still
outweighed memes. Sourceforge still had a mandatory project review.

Someone registers "Chromium", ,
in December 2000 as:
"""Chromium is a flexible framework for scalable real-time
rendering on clusters of workstations, derived from the Stanford
WireGL project code base."""

* chromium-bsu only made it onto Sourceforge on 21 January 2001,
at which point the "UNIX project name" debate was practically
over, even if CBSU existed before 2000.

* The search engine crawled the then-homepage
of Chromium BSU on January 24 2001, and the page presents the
project as "Chromium B.S.U.". This indicates to me that the
project had, rather quickly (within a month), accepted its name
collision fate.

Related anecdote:

"""The name [FUSE] wanted to be a clever acronym for "Filesystem in
USErspace", but it turned out to be an unfortunate choice. The author
has since vowed never to name a project after a common term, not even
anything found more than a handful of times on Google.""" (FUSE FAQ)

* So the homepage says the title is "Chromium B.S.U.".
Titles are not always directly usable as a Sourceforge UNIX project
name/openSUSE package name because of spaces and dots, but they give
an indication what it should be like. "chromium-bsu" and
"chromium_bsu" are the closest.

* The Sourceforge/Github/Gitlab/Savannah/etc./etc. project name is a
generally strong indicator for what the openSUSE package name
should be like. (Sourceforge/Savannah did
not allow for underscores, so people used dashes instead.)

* The source code tarballs' filenames also give the/an indication.
Who would have thought, it is "chromium-bsu" too.

Three unison voices for "chromium-bsu". That has got to be the
openSUSE package name, as per our package naming policies.

Irrespective of whether you love or loathe chromium-the-browser.
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