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Re: [opensuse-factory] nomodeset blocks KMS & Intel DDX
Michael Pujos composed on 2019-03-18 19:07 (UTC+0100):

Felix Miata wrote:

[quote]There is no Intel-specific driver provided primarily for non-ancient
gfx. Intel pays its Linux driver developers to put most of their effort into
FOSS modesetting DDX driver. The xf86-video-intel DDX is in maintenance mode,
having had no official release since 2015.[/quote]

Maybe something is escaping me but that's a lot of commit for a dead driver:

maintenance != dead
How many is that compared to modesetting driver commits provided by Intel devs?

I use this driver without problem on my 2018 laptop using the Intel UHD 630.
The only thing I had to do is to add "Option" "DRI" "3" to fix some
issues with the compositor (it uses DRI2 by default).

Whatever works for you. There is good reason both exist. Old Intel GFX aren't
supported by the newer technology DDX.

Optimus users at least potentially can run both GPUs on a single DDX. That
suggests a shorter code path and better performance.

xf86-video-intel gets utilized either because hardware is too old, and/or
openSUSE installs optional DDX drivers by default, and/or because of what
/etc/X11/xorg_pci_ids/modesetting.ids does or doesn't contain, and/or because a
user has explicitly configured it.

I have two plain HD 630 running TW and 15.1 on the upstream DDX default. Neither
of my 630 require any DRI or any other Xorg options to produce satisfactory
behavior. I didn't have to do anything more than not have the optional
xf86-video-intel installed. I do have older Intel GFX running TW that require
old tech DDX.
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