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Re: [opensuse-factory] Don't upgrade to a 5.0.x Kernel with a Dell Precision 5530
Dan Cermak composed on 2019-03-18 15:11 (UTC+0100):

Nope, I have blacklisted everything from Nvidia & Nouveau, so only the Intel
driver should be running.

Actually it likely shouldn't. Intel pays its Linux driver writers to put most of
their effort into the FOSS modesetting DDX driver. The xf86-video-intel DDX is
maintenance mode, having had no official release since 2015.

Also, I tried the Tumbleweed rescue disk: that one will start booting, but at
some point the laptop screen just turns off and that's it.

Exactly how did you "blacklist" nouveau? Do it wrong, and you might block all

Precision 5530 is a model line, not a model. Which do you have? Better yet, what
is output from 'inxi -Gxx' (which reports both kernel and DDX drivers, among
useful video info if X is running)? What does cat /proc/cmdline report?
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