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Re: [opensuse-factory] Policy around desktop files for command line applications

On Wednesday 2019-02-13 05:27, Patrick Shanahan wrote:

Installing 4 joe desktop files for every isn't the best user experience

The reason it installs 4 desktop files, is because it also installs ones
for the Wordstar, Nano and Emacs versions.

yes, I see that now. but I seldom use the menu for anything. I have
shortcuts defined for most used apps and <alt><f2> for the rest, and joe
is a cl app.

removing the ".desktop" files is ok by me as if I particularly see the
need for one, I can create it by copying an existing and editing.

Even for Windows, I cannot even remember a time I used the .lnk file for any
editor, either. It has always just been Super-R, notepad (or other name),
Enter. (Or create new file in the file manager / then edit)

I guess there is only two or three reasons for .lnk/.desktop files to exist:

- for a new user on an expedition mission through the start menu
to see what's there
- for a start menu to find an application when typing the initials
(in case of xfrun that's when you use the Down arrow key)
- to pull the shortcut from the menu onto the desktop,
in case one is real heavy user of $editor
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