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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: [PLEASE SPEAK UP] Disabling legacy file systems by default?

On Tuesday 2019-02-12 15:04, Liam Proven wrote:

Yes there is a root account, but you can't log in, can't ``su'' to it or
anything else.

[2] It also removes the temptation to use the OS like Windows and always
log in as the system administrator

You, sir, are full of nonsense.

(1) Consumer Windows has moved away from the full-root design to a
semi-root (role name in German: "Hauptbenutzer") IIRC that was between
W98 and 2000 (the NT switch). That got tweaked over the last decade or
so, culminating in the well-known UAC dialog boxes:

The right hand side is what's normally seen on desktop boxes.
It's a one-click situation.

(2) If anything, OSes like Ubuntu have converged to do it the Windows
way: as every other command line in a HOWTO document has a "sudo" prefix
these days, you are effectively root *all the time*, save for the bash
instance you are typing at/in.

(3) sudo's time-based credential cache which, where you enter the
password once, and get free reign for a while is also pretty inviting to
do root, similar to grudgingly dismissing the UAC box to get "work

[3] It also means that there _is_ no hidden root password for anyone to
find out, social engineer,

Are you honestly so gullible to believe that?

Now they will just social engineer the _regular_ password out of you.
And if they are good, they will even sell it to you as a bonus that you
did not need to give out the full access-bearing root password.
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