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Re: [opensuse-factory] Can we assume that /bin/sh is bash?
H.Merijn Brand <h.m.brand@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Projects that require features - like bash functionality - that is not
available on those proprietary OS's will cause the support on those OS's
to halt. e.g.

If you depend on proprietary bash features, you are not portable. This is why
POSIX exists. I modified a few shell scripts from OpenSolaris to no longer
depend on ksh93 to be able to use "bosh" as /bin/sh and /sbin/sh for the basic
startup before /usr gets mounted.

On the other side: as long as bash stays portable it is not a real problem to
use bash as long as you put #!/bin/bash in the first line of your script. I
guess this will not change as long as bash stays a one man show with the
original maintainer.

? GNU gcc is by now impossible to build on HP-UX.
? Projects that switch(ed) to meson/ninja won't build outside Linux
? Projects that require new(er/est) gcc won't build on OS's that won't
build gcc

It is bad to see that some GNU projects more and more implement the embrace and
extent method from Microcoft to create a vendor lock in instead of using POSIX
features that are portable.

I know that OSS developer time is "free" time and voluntary work, but
remember that choosing the tool-of-the-day will cause headaches for
those that use their free time to port OSS to those OS's that are not
mainstream anymore.

This is e.g. why the ksh93 from Redhat no longer compiles on Solaris. The
background in this case BTW. is missing skills by the related people.

Story from the past: we had to switch from SCCS to something more
recent. The team chose SVN. Our main development environment by the
time was HP-UX 11.23, and we had to give up on SVN: we needed a week
to build SVN from scratch with all its dependencies only to see it
horribly fail. We then decided to try git. We just needed 3 hours to
get it up and running, including the GUI's. *I* do not regret this, as
I had a preference of git over svn from the start, and by now all our
developers are used to git/gitlab and it is part of daily routine.

Well, I could never understand why peole would like to use svn as it is as
slow as CVS and as it did even cause some projects to loose all their history
after a internal change of the datastructures.

If bash were to switch from make to meson/ninja, you'd rule out the use
of modern bash on those weird OS's, as bash still is relative easy to
build/port. (and so is "make")

Well writing makefiles that depend on "gmake" is a bad practice, but it is
still better than using something else.

If you are interested in a portable POSIX certified make program, I recommend
to use the "SunPro Make" from schilytools.


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