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Re: [opensuse-factory] zypper dup disk space requirement
On 2/8/19 5:26 AM, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
08.02.2019 3:43, Bernhard Voelker пишет:
It has been mentioned repeatedly that a user should run 'btrfs filesystem
usage /'
to get the "correct" numbers (whatever they are), and: "df spit out useless

So you do not actually know anything about it, [...]

Indeed, I don't know too much about BTRFS, but...

you just repeat what others say.

Au contraire: I'm the only one pointing out that df(1) is not the culprit,
and instead it is just outputting the information is gets. If that information
is misleading for the user, then either the source of that numbers has to be
changed, or - if that is impossible because the df fields 'itotal', 'iused',
'iavail', 'ipcent', 'size', 'used', 'avail', 'pcent' do not make 100% sense
in the context of BTRFS - I prefer to amend the documentation to describe
those possible pitfalls for the user at least.

I am not a BTRFS user nor a kernel hacker; my point of view is that of
a GNU coreutils contributor (upstream+downstream). Therefore, I try to
fight the over-simplifying "df spits out useless nonsense for BTRFS",
and see that the best solution for the GNU coreutils users is to
document the specialties for this file-system somewhere.

Have a nice day,
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