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Re: [opensuse-factory] upower useless on TW?
  • From: Michal Suchánek <msuchanek@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2019 20:47:49 +0100
  • Message-id: <20190206204749.4086ca87@naga>
On Wed, 6 Feb 2019 20:23:09 +0100
Stefan Seyfried <stefan.seyfried@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Am 06.02.19 um 20:10 schrieb Michal Suchánek:

So my battery state went to 'critical' according to upower, a
notification was displayed, and the system was shut down immediately.

If upower cannot resolve the issue in any useful way I would prefer to
use the system until it crashes.

Apparently upower would hibernate the system (by default) if it deemed
the feature available but for some reason it thinks my system cannot be

How does it determine this? Both upower(7) and upowerd(8) are stubs
referencing a mailing list.

Upower probably just asks systemd-logind or whoever handles that.

systemd-logind has some weird magic that makes it check free swap and
then decide if hibernate can succeed.
Unfortunately it does this wrong.
systemd ...

E.g. I have 8G RAM and 2G Swap, and very often with firefox and
thunderbird open, systemd will conclude I cannot hibernat *and not even
try it*.
"echo disk > /sys/power/state" will then hibernate just fine.

Anyway. You can tweak the settings in /etc/UPower/UPower.conf, but I'm
not sure if you can disable the action completely.

As far as the config file comments say you cannot do that, only select
what is tried first.

If you are running a desktop environment, the settings from there should
override the upower and systemd-logind settings.

I am running lxpanel.

Can we remove any dependencies on this abomination?

strolchi:~ # rpm -e --test upower
error: Failed dependencies:
upower is needed by (installed) gnome-power-manager-3.30.0-1.2.x86_64
upower is needed by (installed) xfce4-power-manager-1.6.1-2.3.x86_64

should be painless for you to remove it.

Not really:

# zypper rm -u upower
Loading repository data...
Warning: No repositories defined. Operating only with the installed
resolvables. Nothing can be installed.
Reading installed packages...
Resolving package dependencies...

The following 24 packages are going to be REMOVED:
enscript fate grantlee5 icoutils ispell ispell-american kde4-filesystem
kdebase4-runtime kdebase4-workspace-libs kdelibs4
kdelibs4-branding-upstream kdelibs4-core kdialog kdialog-lang khelpcenter5
khelpcenter5-lang libctemplate3 libkactivities6
libpolkit-qt-1-1 libupower-glib3 libxapian30 upower upower-lang words

24 packages to remove.
After the operation, 63.6 MiB will be freed.
Continue? [y/n/...? shows all options] (y): ^C
# rpm -e --test upower
error: Failed dependencies:
upower = 0.99.9 is needed by (installed) upower-lang-0.99.9-1.1.noarch
upower is needed by (installed) kdelibs4-4.14.38-6.2.x86_64



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