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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: [PLEASE SPEAK UP] Disabling legacy file systems by default?
  • From: Michal Suchánek <msuchanek@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2019 08:59:35 +0100
  • Message-id: <20190206085935.575c9ce1@naga>
On Tue, 5 Feb 2019 21:51:13 -0200
Raphael Lydia Bertoche <bertocheraphael@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Maybe in the enterprise world it makes sense to try to protect your
computers from bad flash drives by removing support for things, but

Did you read this thread? It is about closing the security hole
^without* removing support for those filesystems.

I'm sure that's an idea that's opposed to the way most people that
work with open or free software think, at least from where I'm
standing, even if it has any real effectiveness as a defence against
bad flash drives.

It makes sense anywhere. The filesystem has known security
vulnerabilities and in absence of somebody willing to fix it there is a
gaping security hole.

I say it without looking at the list: please get all those file
systems back to Tumbleweed. I lost half an hour last night when I
soft-bricked my phone to fastboot and suddenly my machine that did
mkfs e2fs the other day couldn't mount the SD card with data I needed
to repair the phone. But I now realize maybe this wasn't really that
of a boomer since now I can present you with this cautionary tale.
This is why you shouldn't just break any one of those systems that
were for a long time supported on Tumbleweed and are probably in use
somewhere, we can never now how often, and so we can't weight the
potential damage of breaking it.

I felt sad at the time because I realized that feature was present
some time before and was removed without any consent on my part and
without a package removal that would make it explicit.

Also it would take me a considerable amount of time, even not being a
novice Linux user, I've just been busy and never saw any changelogs or
notices or more sadly this thread to find out which line I'd have to
comment out, and even if it were as easy as a click hidden away
somewhere, most users would never get to read this thread or to google
it and would probably just think Tumbleweed doesn't support those
filesystems any more and move on. Please stop assuming users are
experts and don't make more difficult software for those that already
don't know how to use it, just because you say it's not that much of
them. Remember the user base of OpenSuSE is nothing alike SLES's.

That's why an update to mount documentation is proposed. If you cannot
RTFM all hope is lost.


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