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Re: [opensuse-factory] dozens of unwanted packages !
On 02/02/2019 12.34, Knurpht-openSUSE wrote:
Op zaterdag 2 februari 2019 12:26:31 CET schreef Daniele:
Il 02/02/19 12:20, Carlos E. R. ha scritto:
On 02/02/2019 12.16, Daniele wrote:
Il 02/02/19 10:32, Jan Engelhardt ha scritto:
xorg-x11.spec:Recommends: xeyes

Guess someone's holding on to the fvwm2+eyes classic desktop.

Xeyes is only an example. xload, xman, xmag, xedit...
Who want to install xorg-x11 ? Why ?

Everyone that uses openSUSE in graphics mode, AFAIK.

For sure not me.
In 20 years I've never used one of these.
Do you really want Xeyes and Xmag ?

If you're that sure, remove xorg-x11 and see if your desktop still works.
Don't complain if it doesn't.

The package only contains a single file:

Telcontar:/var/lib # rpm -ql xorg-x11
Telcontar:/var/lib # cat /usr/share/doc/packages/xorg-x11/README.meta
This package is a metapackage, created for compatibility.

Please use instead the following packages:

appres bdftopcf beforelight bitmap editres fonttosfnt fslsfonts fstobdf
iceauth ico lbxproxy listres luit mkcomposecache oclock
proxymngr rendercheck rstart showfont smproxy
viewres x11perf xbacklight xbiff xcalc xclipboard xclock xcmsdb
xcompmgr xcursor-themes xcursorgen xdbedizzy xditview xdpyinfo
xedit xev xeyes xf86dga xfd xfindproxy xfontsel xfs xfsinfo xfwp xgamma xgc
xhost xinput xkbcomp xkbevd xkbprint xkbutils xkill xload xlogo
xlsatoms xlsclients xlsfonts xmag xman xmessage xmh xmore
xorg-scripts xplsprinters xpr xprehashprinterlist xprop xrandr xrefresh
xrestop xrx xscope xset xsetmode xsetpointer xsm xstdcmap xtrap
xvidtune xvinfo xwd xwininfo xwud
Telcontar:/var/lib #

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 15.0 x86_64 at Telcontar)

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