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Re: [opensuse-factory][PLEASE SPEAK UP] Disabling legacy file systems by default?
Michal Suchánek composed on 2019-02-01 18:58 (UTC+0100):

On Fri, 1 Feb 2019 12:22:12 -0500 Felix Miata wrote:
Jeff Mahoney composed on 2019-01-30 12:20 (UTC-0500):

there are a number of
file systems that are uncommon, poorly maintained, and contain security

Is this theoretical, or real? IOW, is "poorly maintained" a label applied
because of absence of
"maintenance" that is a result absence of changes in a filesystem that was
fully mature 20-30 years
ago and thus needs no maintenance?

Oh right. Such software totally does exist.

Some things remain in use for decades longer because they work. Older doesn't
equate to bad.
Indeed, newer often equates to bad, or at least, worse.

Are the "security issues" known, or merely theoretical?

Disabling the autoload makes the obscure filesystem much less rewarding
target for an attacker which actually improves security even for the
people who do use it.

Like an obscure filesystem that "nobody" uses any more would ever have been
rewarding in the first

The sky is falling.

Were it not for this long discussion, no way when the HPFS in my fstabs stops
autoloading would I
have known why or what to do about it. Bugs between Linux and OS/2 filed too
many moons ago to
remember remain open, so I wouldn't expect any new problem arising from
throwing out something old,
reliable and well tested in favor of somebody's "improved" replacement to have
a solution.

I'm not expecting anything to change on account of what I say, mainly trying to
get some sense of
the real world potential risk without first having to become a competent
programmer. This seems
like just another case of expending resources to fix what ain't broke instead
of what is known
broke, or the government standard attacking symptoms instead of disease.
Evolution as taught in public schools is religion, not science.

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Felix Miata ***
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