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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: [PLEASE SPEAK UP] Disabling legacy file systems by default?
On 2/1/19 12:56 PM, Stefan Seyfried wrote:

I just tried out your very broad statement.

* Windows 10, latest patch level ("modern" in my perception).
* USB Stick with GPT and ext4 and BTRFS partitions on it.
* Plugged in
* Windows offers to format it.

No driver autoloaded. No file system mounted.

I know that many young and inexperienced people believe the "MICROSOFT
<3 LINUX" statement that the company now states, but it is not actually
true and never was.

The large amount of effort that Microsoft is putting into "Windows
Services for Linux" shows this. It is just another instance of
Microsoft's time-honoured and highly successful "embrace, extend and
extinguish" strategy.

Once this is understood, small niggling inconveniences for users of
other OSes, which can be plausibly explained away, are a bonus.

OTOH, Windows includes a huge number of drivers for a massive amount of
hardware, which _benefits_ Windows users.

You just need to work out "cui bono?" Who benefits?

It helps MS if hardware works, even sub-optimally, because it helps MS
users and customers.

It also helps MS if interop with non-MS OSes silently fails *especially*
if that means the other OSes must do more work. It doesn't help the
customers, which shows where the company's focus _really_ lies.

And they are the ones that surely can and will find out how to add that one
comment character to the config file to fix
Even Felix will be able to solve that problem ;-)

That's true!

If all the docu-capable people would start writing wiki articles about this
now, then once this is in an end-user facing
distribution, a simple "openSUSE USB stick unknown file system" google search
will lead them to the solution in no time.

Sadly there are quite a few other demands on our time. We're very

See the rest of this thread, we are already trying to work on that.

Great! Sincerely.

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