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Re: [opensuse-factory] Yast (and some console programs) not correctly displaying
On Sat, 19 Jan 2019 at 15:00, Rainer Hantsch <office@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

If I buy a car, I do not have to be able to know it in every particular detail
or to be a mechanic specialist to USE IT. But I am still able to tell the
mechanic what is not working as before.
The mechanic has the knowledge to find out the reason and to fix it, not me.

I hope you can find some analogy by yourself?
I am a user and can only try to show what is different. I do not have the
background of a developer.

Your analogy is fundamentally flawed

You did not _buy_ anything.You downloaded _for free_ something which
is produced, developed, and distributed by _volunteers_ working in
their _spare time_

You then entered a mailinglist intended for the volunteering
developers as part of that Project and have repeatedly made your

Your repeated posts on this mailinglist have, in my eyes, the following issues

- Many of them are arguably off-topic, as they are related to issues
which you personally have with your systems, due to choices you have
made which run counter to that which the vast majority of this
community supports. I would recommend any conversation which could be
described in this manner is best served by our opensuse-support@
mailinglist or our forums. This mailinglist is primarily intended for
openSUSE developers, to discuss the development of future versions of
openSUSE. This purpose of this list is well documented [1][2][3]

- The tone of your emails most certainly convey an assumption that the
openSUSE project somehow owes you something or should undoubtedly do
what you tell them to do. As openSUSE is an organisation driven by
voluntary contributions, I can assure you that approaching anything in
the openSUSE Project in such a manner will not have positive results.

- Many contributors have tried sincerely to give you feedback about
why many of your assumptions are wrong (for example, the reality of
UTF8's dominance in the world, and the fallacy that a kernel in one
distribution having ANY relation to the kernel in Leap, when Leap has
hundreds if not thousands of backported patches). You have ignored
that feedback, and instead repeatedly dug your heels in and repeated
your demands in a way that leads me to think that you believe we
should do exactly what you tell us to do.

To give you a more apt analogy than your original one

If I visit a charity soup kitchen providing free soup, and started
shouting how their soup tasted terrible and demanding that they cook
me a 4 course meal, I am likely to find myself either kicked out, or
if I'm lucky, served soup (and if I'm really lucky, the volunteers
wont spit in my soup).

Welcome to the openSUSE Project. Enjoy our soup. You're welcome to
help us make it better. But your disruptive shouting and demands do
not help that, and you are starting to not only annoy our kitchen
staff, but the other people waiting in line for soup.


Richard Brown
Head Chef

[1] ("Discussions about the development of
the openSUSE distributions. (Bug reports => Bugzilla, Support =>
User/Support lists!)")
[2] ("This is
the list for technical discussions related to the development of the
openSUSE Distributions")
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