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Re: [opensuse-factory] Yast (and some console programs) not correctly displaying
  • From: Rainer Hantsch <office@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2019 08:39:44 +0100
  • Message-id: <2213461.tenuG9xhJI@majestix>
Hello Oliver.

Thank you for this very quick answer.

Am Freitag, 18. Jan 2019, 08:21:43 schrieb Oliver Kurz:
On 18/01/2019 08.17, Rainer Hantsch wrote:
I watch this phenomen since UTF8 came out. Because I do remote
administration often in text mode (ssh or in a few cases even by modem
dial in), a properly working handling of encodings has to work.

What could be a reason is that the YaST programs use
and not ncurses directly.

I already thought that such thing with some kind of overlaying software might
be the reason. So the problem can now be...

a.) A fault in this overlaying toolbox

b.) An incorrect use of this toolbox.

As I am no developer and it exceeds my knowledge to reverse-engineer YaST
and/or libyui (I program only in FreePascal), I can only tell that something
is not working properly. Those people developing libyui and YaST can check
their software much quicker and reliably than I ever could.

I am pretty sure that several tools in openSUSE will use libyui-ncurses,
otherwise it would not have been mentioned on github:
"... Libyui is a widget abstraction library providing Qt, GTK and ncurses
frontends. Originally it was developed for YaST but it can be used in any
independent project. ..."

It appears to me that this libyui-ncurses is much more likely the reason in
this case. This would explain why other programs also have sometimes
displaying issues.
But it also might be the case that in some lines of code this libgui-ncurses
is not correctly used (i.e. a somewhere forgotten string-conversion between
different codesets).

This should be fixed anyways.

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