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Re: [opensuse-factory] Yast (and some console programs) not correctly displaying
On 18/01/2019 08.17, Rainer Hantsch wrote:

I do not want to start a discussion here about advantages/disadvantages of one
or the other encoding (ISO-8859-1, UTF8, ...) and/or why I should use UTF8.
I have good reasons why I don't want to do that and stay with ISO-8859-1, and
it also is a question of principle that an OS and all its programs have to
correctly (and not mostly) support them.
Linux is offering a huge number of different encodings and should be aware of
correctly supporting all of them, as it did before UTF8. If not, it is a
question of careless coding or implementation.

I use still ISO-8859-1 on all of my servers and workstations because of
several reasons (and I do not want to change something in this point).
Most of my self-written programs are based on ncurses, using the fuill set of
features (also windows and window layers). All of the, are working perfectly
and are displaying correctly, so I am pretty sure that ncurses and all related
libs _are_ correct.

So what? I see that many programs (i.e. YaSt in textmode, but also several
other tools) are not correctly displaying, they show sometimes 2-Byte
characters and distort hereby the output. This happens more on real text
screens (i.e. Ctrl-Alt-F1 console) and is slightly better in a graphical
"konsole" of KDE, but it happens.
From my point of view this can only come from a poor usage of ncurses, if it
would nbe ncurses itself, my programs would also have troubles (but they
don't). Perhaps there is another layer of software on top of ncurses and that
one is not correctly written? Or are this tools not using ncurses and doing
everything "manually"? -> This is a many years persisting issue and shows that
even Leap (many years after UTF8 introduction) is not tested well in this
point and/or fixed.

I watch this phenomen since UTF8 came out. Because I do remote administration
often in text mode (ssh or in a few cases even by modem dial in), a properly
working handling of encodings has to work.

What could be a reason is that the YaST programs use
and not ncurses directly.
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