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Re: [opensuse-factory] snapshoot 20181224 plain hardware installation fails network

Am 31.12.18 um 13:36 schrieb Mykola Krachkovsky:
субота, 29 грудня 2018 р. 21:09:52 EET Simon Becherer написано:
-> network installation will be done "fixed address" no dhcp
after reboot and login in kde the network will show
that it will search for address (of course not provided because fixed
addresses) so no network will not be avalable.
What are you using for static IP? NM, wicked or ifup?

sorry, i did not have seen there is a choice for the installer.
(if there is, i have not touched it)
after the second install where all yast moduls where there,
i have seen that wicked was installed by the installer.
and i have then set the fixed ip address as i need.
after this everithing worked fine.
-> so the problem is that the installer did not work correct.
setting it by hand after system starts is not the problem
(when yast-network was installed (in my second attemp)).

if i start yast, there are only 2 moduls shown.
(no network, so no posibility to change.
-> this will be no problem if i during installation
in addidtion say "install mc" then after login
yast is ok. (this was my second attemp to go arround this problem)
Hmm. I have no mc installed and yast in terminal and gui shows a lot of
modules. Maybe some mc dependency is needed by yast and isn't installed for
some reason?
ncurses, libgmodule-2_0-0, libslang2, etc?

i do not know. in my opinion, the problem is not what was installed ("mc")
additionally, but the fact that if nothing will be additionally "manual"
installed there is a problem (maybe not installed "suggested" packets??) .
(yast-network and most other yast moduls where not installed)



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