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Re: [opensuse-factory] snapshoot 20181224 plain hardware installation fails network
  • From: H Zeng <zhx@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2018 21:06:31 +0800
  • Message-id: <6430537.ZDCGJYjNta@ostp>
On Sunday, 30 December 2018 03:09:52 HKT Simon Becherer wrote:
i am only user and will not file a bug report
because i do not completely know how to do correct:

a plain installation of this snapshoot on real hardware
will end in an not usable installation, regarding network:
-> network installation will be done "fixed address" no dhcp
after reboot and login in kde the network will show
that it will search for address (of course not provided because fixed
addresses) so no network will not be avalable.
My reply might not be helpful. But I want to point out that your issue may not
be a problem caused by the snapshot as I have re-installed my system with this
snapshot two days ago without any problem. I skipped the network setup during
installation and I got DHCP available after entering the desktop (KDE Plasma).

addidtional for this,
if i start yast, there are only 2 moduls shown.
(no network, so no posibility to change.
-> this will be no problem if i during installation
in addidtion say "install mc" then after login
yast is ok. (this was my second attemp to go arround this problem)

Sorry, I do not know what "mc" is.

here is what i have done (most translated, partly (sorry for bad english) in

language german
next -> networkinstallation
change: reiter umschalten:
static adress:
subnetmask (as it is)
hostname: xxxxxxxx10
konfigurationsname: (as is is) enp1s0
at general as it is "at systemstart"

hostname xxxxx10
domanname site
hostname der loopback adresse zuweisen NEIN
hostname over dhcp set: no
dns-konfiguration: use standard

standart ipv4 gateway
not marked forarding

desktop kde plasma



experten partitionierer, start with already old stuff
sda and sdb delete completely

general settings:
use: "geraetename" maybe name of the hardware?

sda: partitionen:
add primare
60 gb.
operating system
format ext4
volumen label: system

hinzufuegen: primaere
2 gb
fs-tab optionen: label: swap

hinzufuegen: primaere:
label home

sda2 delete
modyfy : sda2 move forward
partition add, primaere maximale size swap fstab-optionen name swap

sdb format ext4 no mounten max size


zeitzohne europa.
rechner uhr auf utc gestellt
zeitzohne deutschland
andere einstellungen: ntp-server:

passwort fuer root:

firewall geschlossen
ssh micht aktiv
ssh port geschlossen


logging in:

network "network address will be get"
"netwerkaddresse wird bezogen"
I skimmed this part because I do not recognise most of the words. But I guess
the only difference between your installation and mine is that I chose not to
setup the network during the installing.




Best regards,

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