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[opensuse-factory] Workflow for containers and other images in Tumbleweed and Leap 15.1+

I'm happy to announce that the new build/test/release process for containers
and other images is now in place for Tumbleweed and Leap 15.1, which is
currently very much in development.

As a result, images like JeOS and containers like the base container and kubic
containers are now built as part of the main project (openSUSE:Factory resp.
This means that they go through the usual build check and review and can in
the future be integrated into openQA testing in staging projects as well.

If you want to create new VM images or containers based on openSUSE, you can
just create them from scratch, use the OBS WebUI for kiwi descriptions or
base them on one of the templates available on (15.1 not listed yet).
Make sure that you use only "obsrepositories:/" in kiwi files.

Building containers using Dockerfile against the released Tumbleweed and
Leap 15.1 containers works, but is not supported inside the main projects yet.
So for now, kiwi needs to be used for building.

If you want the submitted image to be published on, or the opensuse/ namespace on, please ask
the release team.

Technical details:
- The image is submitted to openSUSE:Factory/openSUSE:Leap:15.1(:Update)
and eventually accepted if it builds successfully and passed review.
- The accepted build description is used to build the image in either
openSUSE:Factory/images or openSUSE:Leap:15.1:Images/images.
- When the project is built successfully, totest-manager releases the built
image files into the subproject at :ToTest/images for images and
:ToTest/containers for containers.
- openQA downloads images (if configured) from :ToTest/images and containers
from and tests them.
- If the snapshot passed openQA, totest-manager enables publishing of
:ToTest/images and the new snapshot is sent to the mirrors.
- Containers are released into
openSUSE:Containers:Tumbleweed/openSUSE:Containers:Leap:15.1 where they will
be pushed to Currently this is only the case for the base
containers and needs some tweaking.

What's missing:
- OBS needs to be configured to push to automatically. Currently
it's done by an external script (which does not scale). This needs careful
testing to not disturb the currently available images.
- An infra issue prevents the docker_image test from succeeding when run on
- A recent kiwi update forces XZ compression of images, which breaks openQA
testing of VM images:

Have a lot of fun,

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