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[opensuse-factory] Default categories in Menus

openSUSE has a package that provides desktop environments with /etc/xdg/menus
and /usr/share/desktop-directories required by former, called
desktop-data-openSUSE. However, many desktop environments like XFCE (with
libgarcon-data) and Gnome (with gnome-menus), provide menus and
desktop-directories already. Meanwhile libgarcon also depends on
desktop-data-openSUSE, which in that case makes no sense, because it's useless
in XFCE anyway. Well, kinda useless, as it also provides KDM settings, a bunch
of icons used by YaST (which I hope won't be used soon enough, working on that),
yet YaST in no way depends on that package (???).

openSUSE has around 130 categories in there, which makes updating that package
and icons related to that package a nightmare in the long run. It also makes it
so much harder to navigate menus in desktop environments, having to go through 3
submenus to get to anything useful.

To say the least, it's a mess, but it doesn't end there.

One of the files from that package is used for OBS's brp checks, the .desktop
file category check. That has been truly annoying to some folks, who tried to
package apps with categories listed by fd.o's standard (which was updated in
2016, yet desktop-directories remained untouched), but weren't able to due to
lack of full compatibility with standard.

How to fix it? I got an idea which will make dealing with categories, new
version of standard and menus so much easier.

fd.o's standard consists of 2 distinct parts, Main categories [1] and Additional
categories [2]. Instead of having menus consist of Main categories > Sub
categories, we should have just Main categories. They require less maintance,
less icons, less translations and standard around them is updated less

OBS's brp check should have a list of categories and subcategories, based on
which it determines if it should shout at packager. And not XML, because that
makes it harder to edit and read that file. If file was in a human readable
format (which XML certainly isn't) we could also get rid of wiki page that
explains what categories are allowed, and instead reference the file itself.

And split the desktop-data-openSUSE into more subpackages, because Gnome doesn't
require KDE tweaks and vice versa.



PS: Can somebody take a look at
thanks :D

LCP [Stasiek]

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