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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: [opensuse-packaging] Proposal to remove pyc/pyo from Python on TW

On Thursday 2018-10-04 18:04, Neal Gompa wrote:

But in Python 3.8 there is a new feature in place, bpo-33499, that will
recognize a new env variable (PYTHONPYCACHEPREFIX) that will change the place
where __pycache__ is stored [2]. I backported this feature to 3.7 and create
JeOS image that includes salt-minion. I created an small shim that replace
python3.7 binary to enable this cache prefix feature, to point it to /var/
cache/pycache/<username>, and I removed from the image all the python

I've heard variations of this theme for almost a decade now. There are
three major problems with this:

* Python is _very_ slow without the cache, and generating the cache is
a slow operation. This is a terrible penalty for systems that heavily
rely on Python. And failure to write the cache means every run is
fully interpreted and very slow.

It seems weird that among all the scripting interpreters in a Linux
distribution, this seems like a cpython-only issue.

What is it that sh, perl are doing right? I can't remember seeing
equally vocal lamentations about their execution speeds or techniques here.
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