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Re: [opensuse-factory] Proposal: Let's move to a more modern platform

On Tue, 31 Jul 2018, Ronan Chagas wrote:
Em 31 de jul de 2018, à(s) 15:54, David Haller <dnh@xxxxxxxxxxxx> escreveu:
If you can't handle (filter/sort) your mail, that's your problem. Get
a real MUA and stop whining.

I am just amazed how friendly this community turned out to be to
discuss a simple **PROPOSAL**. This reminds me the old days of
another distro I used to help that starts with G. Too bad...

*Boohoo* If you can't handle mail, you're wrong on an ML. Deal with
it. Unsubscribe and use the forums. Simple as that.

I can guess why the distro starting with G was NOT FOR YOU.

This is the -factory list. You claim to be a developer. But you
can't handle your mail?? -ENOPARSE

Think again: there's the forums, the ML... Think about why one is
there or the other or both.

E.g. myself, I've posted well over 10k mails on the MLs, but exacly 0
posts in the forums. Guess why. And you "proposing" to switch the MLs
to some "modern" "web-based" "platform" ("AI" anyone?) [1], how neat
and shiny it may be... That is so silly, boy oh boy! Why are the MLs
still there when there's the forums? Eh? Guess?? I already mentioned
the lkml. And how "huge" my local ML archive is. You can download the
list archive as mbox files too ...

Oh, and just for the record, compare the size of mutt + $EDITOR vs.
some recent webbrowser with JS and a login and X and whatnot that's
required, and running scripts from a ton of sites tracking us...

Guess what, the most notorious sites resolve to NXDOMAIN here.

And BTW: I _am_ quite friendly. To whom *I* chose to.

PS: mutt compiles in a minute or two, FF/Chromium (and all that "slim"
ones using their engines) take 6-8+ HOURS to compile... Chromium is
one big fat bastard of code cobbled together... And don't get me
started on their "build-systems"... Wolfgang, I feel with you!

-dnh, who feels lovingly embraced at that distro that starts with G ;)

[1] Buzzword overload! *BINGO*

If Bill Gates had a nickle for every time Windows crashed...
Oh, wait, he does! - from a post
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