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Re: [opensuse-factory] Proposal: Let's move to a more modern platform
On Tue, 31 Jul 2018 14:42:14 -0300, Ronan Chagas <ronisbr@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi guys!

First of all, sorry if this is not the correct list to post something
like this.

openSUSE has many mailing lists and some are very active. I, as a
developer, must follow some to make sure I did not miss an important
news. However, IMHO, mailing lists through e-mails are not that good
anymore. It is very difficult to search for a message (if you did not
archive everything, then you must rely on the on-line database), if
you delete a message, reply to that thread is not very
straightforward, etc.

I am wondering why do we not change to a more modern platform created
with this kind of discussion in mind? In Julia project, they setup a
discourse ( It turn out that it is
very good. In my opinion, much better than mailing lists using

What do you think about this?

I for one would stop following the "what's going on". A ML is fine for
me. I've seen several project move on to more modern stuff, and IMHO
all got worse to follow.

I don't need skins, or sounds, or stickers of colorful smileys. A
mailing list is all it needs, and so far the info I want is getting
through to me. Great job done!


But don't let my opinion stop you from "moving on". Just be aware that
you'll also loose followers.

FWIW mail also lost value when they allowed HTML mail, even though
management and marketing will state the oposite


H.Merijn Brand Perl Monger
using perl5.00307 .. 5.29 porting perl5 on HP-UX, AIX, and openSUSE
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