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Re: [opensuse-factory] Proposal: Let's move to a more modern platform

W dniu wto, 31 lip 2018 o 19∶42 użytkownik Ronan Chagas <ronisbr@xxxxxxxxx> napisał:
Hi guys!

First of all, sorry if this is not the correct list to post something like this.

openSUSE has many mailing lists and some are very active. I, as a developer, must follow some to make sure I did not miss an important news. However, IMHO, mailing lists through e-mails are not that good anymore. It is very difficult to search for a message (if you did not archive everything, then you must rely on the on-line database), if you delete a message, reply to that thread is not very straightforward, etc.

I am wondering why do we not change to a more modern platform created with this kind of discussion in mind? In Julia project, they setup a discourse ( It turn out that it is very good. In my opinion, much better than mailing lists using e-mails.

What do you think about this?



Modern doesn't mean better, unless it does. IMO a nice replacement for Forums, not for mailing list. For some nicer frontend for mailing list look at Fedora's hyperkitty [1], frontend for mailman. That would be a way better solution than this. Most importantly, don't cut off common Stallman (or Stallman in general) from engaging in ml conversations.

Discourse is a nice way to get support for fairly inexperienced users, which would have hard time making plaintext emails in their gmails, but I bet there are devs that would like their emails plaintext only, because it's easier to read them that way.

I'm young (19), but I wouldn't want to replace email way of communication, because of convinience. Investing in newer stuff engages more people, but some tools better stay utilitarian (and that's from the point of view of designer ;) ), while for stuff that I do (meaning sharing a lot of my designs) instant chat with more in depth features like matrix is fundamental and required, because I can't be bothered to upload every time to susepaste or imgur just to share anything graphical and not textual like I have to do on IRC.

LCP [Stasiek]


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