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Re: [opensuse-factory] TW: outdated wxwidgets libs
Il 19/07/2018 20:47, Patrick Shanahan ha scritto:
* Marco Calistri <mcalistri@xxxxxxxxxxx> [07-19-18 17:32]:
Il 18/07/2018 06:32, Liam Proven ha scritto:
On 17/07/18 21:59, Marco Calistri wrote:
Thanks for your smart response dude.
This happens just on my Windows Thunderbird client and not on my Linux
TW one.



See above. Happens in Thunderbird for Linux, too. :-/

As promised here I'm replying from my Linux TW system.

The difference I see now is that here the Tbird settings default
char-set encoding is ISO-8859-1 while on Windows Tbird it is set as
UTF-8, so appartently the mlmmj dislike UTF-8 encoding in signature.

In other terms when I sent or reply email on opensuse ML by Rbird Linux
I put: Content-Type: text/plain; charset="Windows-1252" in my source
message while when I sent or reply email on opensuse ML by my Windows
Tbird, I put: Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"

what really has this to do with the development of opensuse factory?

Absolutely nothing!

Apologize for the "noise". This is the last reply on this topic.
But hopefully the mailing list software being updated soon.

Marco Calistri
Opensuse Tumbleweed Lenovo Z470
N�����r��y隊Z)z{.���r�+�맲��r��z�^�ˬz��N�(�֜��^� ޭ隊Z)z{.���r�+��0�������Ǩ�
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