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Re: [opensuse-factory] Ruby expert help wanted
On 07/11/2018 03:12 PM, Wolfgang Bauer wrote:
Hm, maybe you should explain a bit more what this is all about?
Just asking for a "Ruby expert" *may* be a bit too exclusive.

Only a thought, though... ;-)

Kind Regards,


Indeed, you are right, Wolfi.

What I meant by "Ruby Expert" is someone -- as the several who have kindly replied here -- who is "Familiar Enough" with Ruby to walk me through a package starting with the Rakefile, showing me how to follow the code and giving me a basic overview of what each component/module does.

So, of course, I am also looking for someone who is not already so snowed under with work that they can spare the time to do that.

Way (way, way, way) back in my programming days, I had a very good Pascal interpreter/debugger that would parse the code line by line.

From that, I could get the flow of the package, and I could then start crash-coursing myself in Pascal by figuring out what was going on.

After that, I could grab a Pascal book for reference and fill in the gaps of my knowledge. Made it to "damn good Pascal programmer" in a matter of days, that way.

Unfortunately, I do not seem to be able to find something like that for Ruby, though I have searched high and low.


Thanks, I just need someone to look at Yast2-Fonts and give me directions how to follow the flow of the code and give me a general overview of what is going on where -- line-by-line interpretation is not necessary.

This can either be done with me watching as you explain, or you could use a screen capture to make a video in which you scan through the Rakefile and the code, telling me where to go (LOL), and what the main thing is that is happening here and there.

Reason? Laugh, if you will, I do not mind, as I do silly things quite often and can see the humour in it.

I wanted to do a lot more contribution to openSUSE, so when Petr Gajdos decided to drop Yast2-Fonts, I -- knowing absolutely NOTHING about Ruby -- plunged in head first in very deep water way over my head.

I will crash-course myself using the above guidance.

Yes, I could have asked someone on the Yast Team to do that for me, and they are super people, so I am sure they would have done so, but they are extremely busy and I do not want to distract someone from the hard work they are already doing.

Thanks again for all the responses. If any of you have the time to do this for me, it will be greatly appreciated -- and remembered.

Once I get this down, I can then move onto additional projects/packages for our great OS.

-Gerry Makaro
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