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Re: [opensuse-factory] Upcoming changes to HiDPI scaling in Qt
On pondělí 2. července 2018 15:25:31 CEST Mykola Krachkovsky wrote:
понеділок, 2 липня 2018 р. 14:19:24 EEST Michal Srb написано:
But X
developers have strong opinion that since the value is deprecated, use of
it should be discouraged so it will remain at 96 DPI.

Yeah, I see a reason behind that as it deprecated. But there are a lot of
applications that doesn't know about that, mostly gtk2 like Inkscape, GIMP.
While I don't use GIMP a lot, I use Inkscape often and at 96 it looks too

At least there is still a way to change the value manually for these cases.

There are many
options and it is up to the application/framework to decide.

In perfect world — yes. But IMHO, it's better to remove global DPI at all,
this least would force developers of toolkits like gtk2 to fix it in a
proper way or application developers to ditch unsupported toolkits. Or
global DPI it to primary screen to make that old-style applications at
least readable.

The value (actually the physical dimensions of screen in mm) are part of the
very first message sent from X server to X client. So there is no way to
remove it without breaking every X client in existence.

It could be set to something stupid, like 0, but I think that would be too

For comparison, Wayland does not have such single value from start. So all
frameworks had to learn to deal with it from beginning. If you run application
that uses some old framework, it will proxy thru Xwayland and get the 96 DPI
too. In addition Wayland can scale windows up on HiDPI displays, but scaled
windows are blurry and you loose the advantage of HiDPI. So frameworks are
encouraged to scale themselves instead and render in the native resolution.
They could do the same under X. If they would, HiDPI and mixed-DPI would work
just as good in X as in Wayland.

Michal Srb
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