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Re: [opensuse-factory] Upcoming changes to HiDPI scaling in Qt
  • From: Mykola Krachkovsky <w01dnick@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2018 15:53:29 +0300
  • Message-id: <765272021.eAqZjNJ2Yt@thaumaturge>
субота, 30 червня 2018 р. 12:38:28 EEST Felix Miata написано:
If you are using only openSUSE, you shouldn't need to use Xft.dpi as your
DPI configuration mechanism.[1] Not all apps respond to it. Overriding the
server's disregard of EDID (via DisplaySize or xrandr or the NVidia
driver's dpi xorg.conf parameter) should make all apps see the same server
Wow, thanks! I've made that a long time ago, when that was problem in GTK,
haven't checked that after that. Nice to know it's is fixed in openSUSE. One
hack removed.

This had to be expected at least as far back as GTK-3.0-1.0. Mozilla apps
were suffering this years before .5 increments were implemented for them.
Hmm. I might didn't get it. GDK_SCALE=1.5 is ignored by any application I've
tested, should it work? Firefox doesn't need GDK_SCALE (though support it, but
again, only integral numbers, GDK_SCALE=1.5 loooks exactly like GDK_SCALE=1)

BTW, font size gradations are often smoother the closer logical DPI is to a
multiple of 12, best if a multiple of 24. Its possible you might enjoy a
marginal improvement using 143 instead of 142. 144 is a mozilla breakpoint,
so if you are a Firefox or TB user you might not be happy at the initial
Yeah, actually, Xft.dpi was set to 144 because of Firefox, so removed it and
set in sddm to 144.

Kind regards,
Mykola Krachkovsky
Найкращі побажання,
Микола Крачковський
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