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Re: [opensuse-factory] Opening private bugs
On 29/05/18 04:05 AM, Simon Lees wrote:
tomer information stays private.
I can read that as "they can benefit from our experience and bug reports
we're not 'professional' enough but we can't benefit from theirs".

Please explain why this is not the case.

There are various certifications that SUSE needs to have in order to
fulfill many of there contracts with customers, these state alongside
other things that customer info must remain private. In the past before
the shared code base the easiest most logical way to do this was to
simply make all SLE bugs private, as I said SUSE Engineering understands
this won't work into the future and are looking into alternatives.

I can see that there is customer info that must remain private.
I, too, an a 'customer' for various entities and I have to supply them with with
information such as credit card numbers.

But let's face reality.
Even without the 'Net there's a vast amount of information about me available.
My birth certificate is on record and that record is publicly available in the
appropriate government building. A vendor or bank for financial organization
can access my credit history. My address, residency and residency rail are
available as public records such as voter registration. If you go and read
some detective novels they mention quite a few pre-Internet techniques of
finding 'personal information".

Corporate entities are just as easy. SUSE promotional material mentions quite
a few of its customers. Their HQ addresses are easy to look up, even off-line.
Shareholder reports list directors and the management team, and they can be
looked up as well. Those same shareholder reports give a lot of other
information about various offices and so forth. Then there's the filings with
SEC and in some cases publicly available information that they needed to supply
to governments and QUANGOs for a whole host of reasons.

But yes, like me and my credit card numbers there is a core that is private.

But I don't see how a bug in FOSS software is in that category.
I don't see that the fact that Company X uses a specific application made of
FOSS software is "private customer information".

Perhaps it would help clear up this matter if you could tell us what class of
information is so sacrosanct, what information I couldn't search & find or
derive using conventional "detective" methods that I read about in detective or
detective-lawyer novels.

No one who has been a programmer can escape the conclusion that computers
highlight our inability to communicate.
-- Mike Walsh, _Infosystems_, Nov 87
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