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Re: [opensuse-factory] Opening private bugs
On 29/05/18 06:40, Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 2018-05-28 19:31, Anton Aylward wrote:
On 28/05/18 12:12 PM, Simon Lees wrote:
.... or if a community member would like to make
changes to a certain package and are wondering why a change was made in
a certain way.
That doesn't sound a like "bug report' to me but the sort of question that might
be asked on the factory-, application specific or even main lists.
He refers to reading in the changelist, for instance, that "we changed
this because of bug #YYYYY", then finding he can not read #YYYYY because
it is private, and thus not knowing what to do with the package on the
openSUSE side.

Yes, it could be asked on the factory mail list, and in fact it has been
done, but with a separate mail list the limited number of volunteers can
see the request easily.

I have read what Simon said (no pun intended) and what others wrote in this thread.

I am confused.

There is the facility for openSuSE (oS) users to report/submit bugs using Bugzilla (whatever). And from what I have read so far, there are cases where the oS user finds out that the bug has either already been submitted or even possibly solved because it concerned the commercial product SUSE/SLE and, therefore, the oS user is unable to see the discussion which occurred or is occurring re the solution to this bug because of customer confidentiality concerns.

So what is now proposed is that after the oS user has gone to Bugzilla and tried to submit a bug report and came across the confidentiality hurdle s/he now will have to write a bug report in this new proposed mail list, opensuse-bugshare@xxxxxxxxxxxx, at which time some SUSE employee with the appropriate security clearance will read the post, analyse it, look for a similar report in the Bugzilla where it is flagged as confidential, read thru that Bugzilla report and try, if it is deemed appropriate, to condense that report into a msg which is to be the response to the oS user who posted his/her bug report in this new mail list.

I have a feeling that I may have misrepresented the actual process of what is being proposed with this new mail list, but the only information I have is what I read so far in this thread.

Now, another aspect of this is that the Linux distro we are using is supposed to be FOSS but this new mail list is based on the confidentiality of customer/SUSE/SLE relationship so the element of "proprietary" is introduced; however, once the bug has been resolved the "fix" is, I am assuming, released for the whole world to see and to apply because SUSE/SLE is FOSS.

The "spanner in the works", if I may call it that, is the confidentiality aspect of bugs concerning SUSE/SLE and because of this it is deemed necessary to have this new mail list.

So why not fix the problem at its 'core'? Why do the bugs reported reported re SUSE/SLE have to be "confidential"? Of course I have no idea what such reports contain but if they contain identifying info. about the organisation which submitted the bug then why not encode the name, for example. If one looks at the mail list archives, the e-mail addresses of posters is replaced with 'XXXXX' so why not do same/similar with bug reports re SUSE/SLE?

What I am suggesting is to 'nip' the problem at the 'bud' stage by having the "bug fixer" (sorry for this crude wording, no offence meant :-)) who first gets to solve the bug do the sanitising of the report so that even oS users can follow the way the bug was/is being solved rather than have another, additional, SUSE employee possibly have to wade thru screenfulls of words to be able to summarise that original report and then write that summary as a response to the oS user in opensuse-bugshare@xxxxxxxxxxxx.

But wait! This cannot be right because the oS user cannot subscribe to this new list -- s/he can only post there. So, how...?


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