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Re: [opensuse-factory] NVidia-problems with after snapshot 20180524
On 28/05/18 20:18, Jogchum Reitsma wrote:

After installing snapshot 20180524, with kernel 4.16.10-1-default, I can only boot successfully in recovery-mode. When trying to boot kernel 4.16.10-1-default in standard mode, I get no graphical display, only  flashing text, and it is impossible to login.

I have encountered this many times lately (and read the postings on this list about the root cause), but I could always repair it by installing the latest proprietary driver from NVidia, now

#396.24 driver is a BETA. The latest 'official' driver is 390.59.

  On one of my computers the beta 396.24 gave me problems (the installation spat the dummy because the card either required a legacy driver OR a driver of the 390.x variety -- never had this problem until last week); but 390.59 installed without any problems.

BTW, you do run 'mkinitrd' after compiling the driver? And then reboot?

My command line for this is (abbreviated): sh ./<nvidia driver> -a ;; mkinitrd ;; reboot

That part about the Mesa driver... It's truly a Catch 22 situation, isn't it? You can say NO ... but you really cannot say NO :-).   Whoever thought that one up must have been smoking some potent wacky tobaccy that day :-D .



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