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[opensuse-factory] Re: Opening private bugs
On 28/05/18 10:46 AM, Simon Lees wrote:
In order to make this process slightly easier and more formal during las
weeks board discussion the board decided to the mailing list
opensuse-bugshare@xxxxxxxxxxxx where community members can send an email
then a volunteer SUSE employee can read the bug report then either open
it or provide a summary.

Currently this is a short term solution, SUSE Engineering understands
this problem and will be working toward a better solution longer term.

I hope this is a short term and I'm not happy with it.
I'm already subscribed to about half a dozen <something>-opensuse.o.o lists.
many of them are very low volume. In a different world I could see them not be
separate from a more general single list and then filter/flag/sort them in my
reader. Readers are very capable these days.

So far, Simon, your reported proposals have been about increasing the
proliferation of lists we need to subscribe to and reducing the focus.
I can see how it makes life easier for (some) developers, but I don't think it
makes life simpler or easier for those of us who have to run and/or maintain
systems for our employers and clients.

As I said, elsewhere, not all problems are bugs.
Those that are not are better solved by the Wisdom of Crowds than annoying a
single developer who has limited time and patience.

Apart from that, there is an inherent assumption that I'm not sure is valid
enough to make this workable. It is that a SUSE employees will take time out
from addressing the needs of the paying clients, the ones that are paying his
salary, to address the needs of a 'maverick' outsider who isn't. I'm sure that
there are kind and generous souls who will do this, but memories of first line
support for a UNIX shops was that it was a 'rite of passage' that new hires went
though and that management demanded the developers do once in a while to remind
them that "It was the paying customers who matter". They resented that.
back when I SysAdmin'd a AIX shop and was submitting at least 4 bug reports a
day, REAL bug reports that had the developers in Texas mad at me, the local
manager assigned a new hire to field my reports. "She'll learn more in month
dealing with your reports than most of us learn in a year".
AIX has got a lot better since those early days :-)

But not all problems are bugs. Deep debugging can be challenging and
infuriating, but the resolution gives satisfaction.
Dealing with users making their own <strike>idiocies</strike> mistakes into bug
reports is frustrating and annoying.

I hope this *IS* a short term solution since in the longer term the Suse
developers will get annoyed enough to stop volunteering <strike>to deal with

"The government who robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of
-- George Bernard Shaw
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