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Re: What about PyPI itself? [Was: Re: [opensuse-factory] Plan for python2-only packages]

On 23/05/18 01:54, Mike Henry wrote:
However, what is the advantage of
having packaged PyPI package, which is completely ignored in
OpenSUSE repositories, has just minimal number of users?

If you are a python developer, you should be using pip. You can avoid
the issue of root with pip install --user foo, and you should be doing
something like using a virtual env to isolate your system python. If
you are an end user of some python program, you expect it to be
installed with zypper and integrated into the OS correctly. I'm not
sure why package maintainers would package python packages that are
not involved in packages/applications.

This depends very much on what sort of python developer you are, I have
a bunch of small tools written in python it is simple and easy enough to
use python as provided by openSUSE if a library is missing that I need
then generally I just package it. So unless you really care about
different python versions there is no need for pip. Especially if you
are writing python programs to be used in openSUSE.


Simon Lees (Simotek)

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