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What about PyPI itself? [Was: Re: [opensuse-factory] Plan for python2-only packages]
On 2018-05-21, 16:09 GMT, Todd Rme wrote:
What about packages that are maintained but remain

And would it really be a large amount of work if we make it
clear that no further work on legacy packages will be done by
dlp maintainers?

Let me add one even more controversial comment. I would like to
start a discussion on purpose of the packaging Python packages
at all. I mean, certainly we need to package all dependencies of
applications we ship, and we need to have somehow defined basic
platform we can maintain. However, what is the advantage of
having packaged PyPI package, which is completely ignored in
OpenSUSE repositories, has just minimal number of users?

Just randomly from packages I am going through, what is the
value for average OpenSUSE user of maintaining package
python-odorik? It is a Python library providing Python interface
to the API of tiny Czech mobile phone operator (so small I have
never heard about it, even though I am a Czech myself). Would
its (I would risk to assume) few users be really that harmed by
using pip, and using the package directly?

I guess the original author of the package was/is OpenSUSE user,
so he packaged it for the distribution as well, but my point is
that maintenance of packages is not free (in terms of time we
need to spend on it, not necessarily money), and we should
consider the costs of the maintenance.


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