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Re: [opensuse-factory] Plan for python2-only packages
Todd Rme píše v Po 21. 05. 2018 v 10:31 -0400:
There are still a large number of packages in openSUSE:Factory that
are python2-only. Some have not been touched upstream in years. We
probably should start thinking about what to do with them.

I think we should break python2-only packages into four categories:

* Those that have python3 support that just hasn't been integrated
should be updated.

* Those that upstream has indicated has python3 support in the
near-term roadmap should be kept as-is for now (or updated to the
latest version).

* Those that are python2-only and have not seen upstream activity
since 2016 should be dropped from openSUSE:Factory and dropped from
devel:languages:python after a two-week warning period.

* All others, including backports packages, should be moved to a new
subproject, devel:languages:python:legacy since they won't need many
updates or rebuilds. This project should be built but not published.

I agree with pruning them from TW we will slowly reach that goal as
Matej is doing review all those pending in signlespec-staging project.
They will either be sloted for removal or updated properly.

Now for those pruned from Factory I wonder what would be best course of
action. Pf course having legacy project is nice, but maybe it will be
quite large amount of work for almost no gain as the python2 should be
really quickly phased out in favor of python3.

Of course atm we are talking only about end packages with py2 only
support, not of backports packages which will stay in the system.

FWIW what is currently planned or is WIP:
* reduce singlespec-staging subproject to 0 packages
* Do flask subproject
* Do pytest project
* Do jupyter subproject
* Do zoper subroject

Now once more to explain to everyone wanting to submit from :misc
* Python packages must run tests if they have them available
+ if present only on github use tarball from there and report an
+ if there is some fail it needs to be fixed or just one test should
be disabled
* Packages must distribute license; if missing upstream must be
* Package must properly state runtime dependencies based on


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