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Re: [opensuse-factory] openSUSE Leap 15: No support for NVIDIA Optimus setups ?
02.05.2018 15:02, Mykola Krachkovsky пишет:
nvidia-xrun does nothing different from nVidia PRIME (or suse-prime),
except PRIME attempts to integrate it into normal startup and
nvidia-xrun requires explicit start from non-X11 session. It would be
really better to make suse-prime work and supported part of distribution
than add yet another hackish half-supported script.

nvidia-xrun actually has xsession files. But haven't tried them closely,

That's not what I meant. PRIME is integrated into normal display manager

crashed one time and forgot about them for now. Main advantage of nvidia-xrun
over nvidia/suse-prime — it doesn't require to remove bumblebee, it still

Why would PRIME require removing bumblebee? The two are completely
independent of each other. Again - nvidia-xrun does NOTHING different
than PRIME does.

working ok when you rarely need full nvidia power and don't want to relogin
for some game.

Huh? You must start nvidia-xrun from non-X11 session - and AS ROOT, so
you must logout and go into run level 3, unless you are always in run
level 3 which I doubt. If it does not mean "relogin", what does?

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