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Re: [opensuse-factory] openSUSE Leap 15: No support for NVIDIA Optimus setups ?
  • From: Mykola Krachkovsky <w01dnick@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 02 May 2018 14:45:41 +0300
  • Message-id: <18384897.zRCL1jsIom@thaumaturge>
середа, 2 травня 2018 р. 12:48:08 EEST Peter Suetterlin написано:
Mykola Krachkovsky wrote:
I'm using Tumbleweed and Bumblebee and it kinda work.

Hmm, what you mean with 'kinda'?

Bumblebee is almost dead project — no changes for 5 years in master branch. It
has a lot of unfixed bugs, needs kernel parameters (my laptop hangs without
them [1]). And seriously no hope for Vulkan support [2]. So aside from that
it's working.

and the only issue is that it doesn't automatically compile the kernel
modules when a new kernel is installed, so I need to run dkms manually. No
problems with games or stuff like google earth.

That's easily solved but enabling dkms at start using YaST or systemctl. But I
don't like that behaviour: waiting for compiling at system boot while I don't
need NVidia GPU is irritating. I've just added systemctl start/stop dkms to
sudoers to run NOPASSWD.

Hmm, that may be the difference - I never felt the urge to run a full X
session on the card (didn't even know nvidia-xrun), does that offer

No real advantages for me in OpenGL, some people says it has superior
performance, but I haven't noticed that. Maybe there is some, but not worth
other problems.
But Bumblebee has no Vulkan support (and I doubtful it would) so the only way
is to run full X session with valid paths — nvidia/suse-prime or nvidia-xrun.
First way needs to remove Bumblebee and I didn't like that much, so I'm trying
to make nvidia-xrun works. But so far I've managed to run only vulkaninfo with
NVidia GPU. And every real apps (e.g. tests [3], [4] or Rise of the Tomb
Raider) crash, while working fine on Intel GPU (well RotTR is really slow, but


Kind regards,
Mykola Krachkovsky
Найкращі побажання,
Микола Крачковський
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