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[opensuse-factory] Default CPU performance governor (Intel)
  • From: Martin Herkt <lachs0r@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2018 16:15:06 +0200
  • Message-id: <66192619.WrtN2fygsN@sakuya>
So I’ve noticed that the default CPU performance governor on Intel CPUs is
still “powersave”. This causes the CPU to stay in the lowest frequency tier
most of the time, and effectively disables the Turbo frequency range for “hot”
workloads on at least Haswell and newer CPUs, which is probably not what most
people want.

It (very) noticeably decreases performance and desktop responsiveness,
especially on laptops. Probably also leads to bad benchmark scores for
openSUSE on a certain hobby journalist’s website.

And it does not even save power! At least not according to my experience with
a laptop (ASUS PU551LD, i5-4210U, SSD, replaced display with higher power
consumption than the stock model). Idle power consumption with both
“powersave” and “performance” governor was exactly the same at slightly less
than 5 W according to powertop. No surprise there, really. I do not have a
battery plot for actual use (light work and some browsing), but in 4 tries
with each governor it actually seems like “powersave” performs worse by half
an hour on this hardware.

Could something be done about these defaults? Should I spend some time trying
to get actually useful data to support my claims? If so, I’d appreciate a
little assistance in figuring out the best procedure for this. Benchmarks are
easy to screw up, and I’m sure there are people here with more experience in
testing such things.
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