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Re: [opensuse-factory] snapshot 20180301 - lots of new warning messages
Hi Stefan,

That there's quite a lot of additional journal messages now was a concern
for the change, but it's rather minor compared to the benefit of having a
more complete journal.

Also note, although the output is currently *too* verbose in general, this
should and can be fixed on the calling site:

1) by fixing errors in the first place

would be great, but there is nothing I can do.
All of those warnings are addressed to the developers.

2) by demoting log levels of debug messages, i.e. only keeping *real

Yes, that would be great, because most of the warnings seem to have
just informational character.

3) by lowering the default log level to warning

That didn't work.
I tried to set "*.debug=false" as described in one of my messages in
this thread, but obvisously I did something wrong.

This helps both users and developers. Developers can request more
informational messages from users, users get more helpful messages by default
in the first place.

I know 8-/
But: What would have been the problem introducing a switch to decide
where warnings and error messages have to be logged.
The default could have been journal log, but one would have the chance
to change it back to the old behaviour.

There is already work happening to address all three issues, but this will
take some time.

Ok, I'll be patient :)

Kind regards,


Thx and bye.
Michael Hirmke
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