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Re: [opensuse-factory] Rust

On 2018-01-23 20:54, Hadrien Grasland wrote:
I am surprised that it is the first time that these custom package
management schemes get into a nontrivial conflict with the
standard system package management scheme of a Linux distro. AFAIK,
these things have been around for a long while, and even
programming languages which encourage statically linking everything
are not new (think Go). So hasn't anybody been thinking about this
issue before?

we have hit these issues for years with Maven and nodejs/npm craziness
which is why an amazingly low number of these are properly packaged in
OBS, even though people would want things like etherpad, jenkins,
hadoop and more.
In some sense I feel this is hurting the spirit of open source
software, because more users and developers end up using binary blobs
without being able to build things from source.
E.g. when we build jenkins packages by taking the upstream .war file
as binary input, we cannot even apply simple patches to problems we find.

OTOH perl, python, ruby and some other ecosystems seem to often have
been considerate enough to not break backward compatibility, so that
things like gem2rpm and equivalents worked well enough to map their
concept of packages to ours.
Maybe it is also because their tools are designed to primarily ship
sources around
And maybe they also better avoid cyclic dependencies.

Bernhard M.
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