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Re: [opensuse-factory] latest evolution 3.26.3-1.1 is NOT compatible with latest libwebkit2gtk-4_0-37 2.18.4-1.1
On Tue, 9 Jan 2018, Jan Engelhardt wrote:

On Tuesday 2018-01-09 10:36, Richard Biener wrote:
On Tue, 9 Jan 2018, Jan Engelhardt wrote:

Maybe we should just, short of symversioning, do

libgthread_2_0_la_LDFLAGS = $(GLIB_LINK_FLAGS) \
+ -release $(PACKAGE_VERSION) \
$(gthread_win32_res_ldflag) \
-version-info $(LT_CURRENT):$(LT_REVISION):$(LT_AGE) \
-export-dynamic $(no_undefined) $(export_symbols)

then those dependency-satisfied-but-unrunnable situations can't happen.

Not sure, IMHO all such issues need to be resolved upstream in the
build machinery like by "fixing" the set of exported symbols by
extracting them and feeding them back via a versioning script.

Yes but since they don't do this standard solution, and as a result causes
issus for us, I think we are in a position to workaround it our way.

Anyway, IIRC rpm only extracts symvers for a specific set of libs

Link to source?

/usr/lib/rpm/find-provides has

# --- Library sonames and weak symbol versions (from glibc).
for f in "${solist[@]}"; do
soname=$(objdump -p "$f" | awk '/SONAME/ {print $2}')
objdump -p "$f" | awk '
/Version definitions:/ { START=1; }
/^[0-9]/ && (START==1) { print $4; }
/^$/ { START=0; }
' | \
while read symbol ; do
echo "$soname($symbol)$slib64"

so it's only in the comments. Might be that they are still not
copied to the repository metadata. The rpms seem to have requires
like at least.

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