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Re: [opensuse-factory] Nvidia driver 384.98 + latest kernel 4.14.9-1 in TW
On 04/01/18 03:35, Werner Flamme wrote:
Dave Plater [03.01.2018 09:42]:

You could have created the patch by using "diff -u
unedited-uvm8_va_block.c uvm8_va_block.c > nvidiapatch.patch", just
trying to explain what a patch is.
Dave P

The next problem is already lurking around the corner, I guess. I just
found <>, titled "Kernel – 4.14.11 ‘Final’
Breaks NVIDIA – GPL Error.."

I love proprietary drivers...


Yes, I just discovered this :-(.

Even trying to compile the driver with the additional command
'--no-unified-memory' now fails :-(.

Thankfully the 'clean old kernels' feature left the previous kernel
( in place and I was therefore able to boot up with the
'--no-unified-memory' option in place.


Always be nice to people on your way up -- you'll see
the same people on your way down.

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