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Re: [opensuse-factory] SysV service error during dup on TW
On 12/22/2017 03:33 AM, Johannes Meixner wrote:


an addedum only FYI:

On Dec 21 19:24 John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote (excerpt):
On 12/21/2017 07:09 PM, Ken Schneider - openSUSE wrote:
Then what created this output:

SysV service man-db-create does not exist,

Looks like it clearly says something about a 'SysV service'

I think you're misinterpreting this message.

From your original post:

( 77/307) Installing: man-2.7.6-6.1.x86_64 ...........[done]
Additional rpm output:
SysV service man-db-create does not exist, skipping
Updating /etc/sysconfig/cron ...

This means that the postinst script from the "man" package says that
your system doesn't have the SysV service "man-db-create" which is
why it's not trying to run the script in the first place.

This is just an information which you can ignore. The "man-db-create"
SysV script doesn't exist on your machine because your system doesn't
have SysVInit in the first place. It will just run the systemd equivalent
command to create the database for manpages.

So, you can just ignore this message.

I think messages that are meant to be ignored by the user
(i.e. messages that are meant only as optional information)
should not be shown to the user by default.

Normally such messages may appear only in a log file
or are shown to the user only in debug or verbose mode.

I don't know how excatly Ken Schneider ran 'zypper dup'
i.e. with or without '--verbose' or '--details'.

I usually use 'zypper -vv dup'. Perhaps that is why I see the message.
Thanks for the info, I will just ignore any messages about SysV in the future.

Ken Schneider
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