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Re: [opensuse-factory] libmysqlclient18 removal - replacement

On Saturday 2017-12-16 08:51, Simon Becherer wrote:

b) i own a propatery software (lx-fibu) which runs fine with
a symlink (manual made) from to

That is neither guaranteed nor safe. The library changed its ABI,
and *expressly* told you so (by changing the name). Pretending that 20
is equal to 18 opens you up to crashes, or even silent data corruption.

- if there is no replacement, what did i have to tell the developer
he has to point to (use instead)?

S/he has to rebuild your software (but see point b) with whatever
MySQL or MariaDB library version s/he has.
Or alternatively, you have to ship all the .so files you used
at the time of building.

- if there is a replacement, where would it be (to make manual a
symlink to it)

Symlinks are _not_ an appropriate replacement.
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