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[opensuse-factory] Tumbleweed will change suse_version to 1550
Dear Tumbleweed hackers and packagers,

It is about time that openSUSE:Factory aka Tumbleweed moves its
suse_version definition up again. There were quite some build hacks in
place that were explicitly pinned on 1330, as the idea was to be able
to get rid of them by the time we move the version.

As this is dragging on for too long though, we changed the hacks to
also apply on Tumbleweed with a newer suse_version and all those tweaks
are now in place. Which means we can move forward.

The new suse_version will be 1550 - starting with December 1st 2017

What's the rationale behind 1550:
* SLE15 / Leap 15 are using 1500 (for their entire lifecycle).
* Tumbleweed is supposed to be 'ahead of the game', so we plant it
between SLe/Leap15 and SLE/Leap16 (don't ask about timeframes for
those, nobody knows)

While packaging, you should never reference version 1550 though. your
thing are compatible to suse_version >= 1500 (meaning all Leap 15.x
versions) OR, if something comes into play on newer .x levels, you'd

%if %{suse_version} > 1500 || %{sle_version} >= 150100
# Feature is available since Leap 15.1
BuildRequires: new-dep

This will indicate that starting with 15.1 things are present, and for
TW as well. If you don't know yet about the Leap version it might
become available, simply skip the sle_version check (but keep the check
for suse_version > 1500)

The change of suse_version has no visible impact to the end user, this
is merely of interest to developers/packagers.

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